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Honor our fallen

Teardrop Memorials with Custom Laser Engraving

The "Thin Blue Line" teardrop sculpture is a perfect way to honor, remember, award, or pay tribute to the law enforcement / police officers in our society. Each glass sculpture is solid glass, individually hand-blown to be completely unique (no two are exactly the same). The glass teardrops feature a strip of royal blue down the center, flanked by a darker blue/black to the sides, artistically paying tribute to the thin blue line which separates good from evil. The overall clear, teardrop shape of the sculpture memorializes the sacrifices made by these heroes, including losing their lives in the line-of-duty, in order to carry-out this noble mission. To show our appreciation and support, a portion of each sale will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.

With three sizes available, you're sure to find one that meets the needs of your office or home. The hefty, black marble base has some natural white "veins."  The combined weight of the large base and glass sculpture is approximately 10 pounds and stands approximately 12 inches tall! The bottom of the sculpture is flat, allowing it to rest on a felt pad atop the marble base.

Each tribute includes your own custom laser engraving on a royal blue/brass engraving plate (lettering and border is brass color). Each plate is 1.5 inches high by 4 inches wide with clipped corners. We recommend no more than 3 lines of text with no more than 36 characters each line (including spaces) in a simple block or italicized font. Script fonts or additional lines of text can be done, but they are not recommended due to size/legibility issues. We strive to accommodate any special requests if possible.

Please note that due to the artistic / handcrafted nature of each sculpture, minor blemishes, air bubbles, and size variations are likely, adding to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. Also, near the top of each sculpture, you will notice what appears to be a blemish where the blow pipe was attached during the glass-blowing process. If you are unhappy with your particular piece for any reason, we will gladly exchange it for a different sculpture or you may return it for a refund within 14 days. Our goal is not just for your complete satisfaction, but for you to absolutely love your work of art!

Quantities are extremely limited due to being hand-made. Please allow up to 10 days for shipment due to the custom laser work on the engraving plates - though times are typically much shorter. Custom laser engraving is arranged during checkout and/or email communication after purchase.

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  • 3 Sizes available
  • Hand-blown, solid glass
  • Black marble base
  • Custom laser engraving on blue plate
  • Free shipping for a limited time!

Extremely Limited Quantities!


Life on the Thin Blue Line Audio training program


Law enforcement officer families face many challenges which are unique to the profession, all of which can lead to marital or relationship problems and depression-like symptoms. Add the aftermath of a critical incident, such as a shooting or difficult crime scene, and the situation may become critical. Common difficulties faced by law enforcement officers include:

  • A severe lack of energy while at home
  • Neglect for old hobbies and activities they used to participate in
  • Isolate themselves from those who are not in law enforcement
  • Are irritable, distant, and indecisive
  • Spontaneously buy large, expensive items (like motorcycles, boats and RV’s) yet rarely take time off work to enjoy them
  • Become cynical and negative, particularly as it relates to their job   
  • Infidelity, alcohol abuse, depression

The Life on the Thin Blue Line police training and coaching audio program explores the root causes of these and many other personal issues which can be attributable to the law enforcement profession.  But, more importantly, the program provides an ACTION PLAN to begin to immediately correct many of the problems which slowly manifested themselves over the first few years on the job.  

The Life on the Thin Blue Line program offers hope when all else seems to be lost. This program is law enforcement training for the entire family in stress management, relationships and overall life fulfillment.

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  • For officers & spouses
  • Over 5 hours of audio training on 6 CDs
  • Includes book & corresponding quick action sheets
  • Includes one free bonus printed copy of The One Hour Home Safety and Security Assessment: Your Key to a Safer Home


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The One Hour Home Safety & Security Assessment eBook

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Police Officers are being targeted for crime.  Protect your family and home with the FREE eBook entitled The One Hour Home Safety and Security Assessment: Your Key to a Safer Home.

Click the "Find Out More" button to watch the informational video and to receive your eBook, provided free of charge to all current or former police officers and their family members!

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  • Free eBook in PDF format for all current and former law enforcement officers and their family members

  • Additional printed copies are available for purchase if you desire

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